The Warpfive

Wing Flag

The Warpfive Wing Flag is a high tech, revolutionary large format outdoor wind-driven rotating sign.
This sign consists of a 2 metre rotating section mounted on a 5 metre pole which displays your
advertising in a prominent and attractive manner.  As the printed section is rotating, it effectively
cuts through the existing advertising clutter and makes your brand stand out from of the rest.
The Warpfive Wing Flag is a superior alternative to the traditional fabric flag as firstly, and most
importantly, it is a brand new product and as such, draws a large amount of attention. Additionally,
it is always vertical - it never collapses and thus your branding is always visible.
Due to it's unique design, the Warpfive Wing Flag never ends up looking 'tattered' and 'windswept'.

Advantages of the Warpfive Wing Flag:
Extremely high visibility
This is a 2 metre sign rotating on a 4.95 metre pole
Permanent durable signage
The Warpfive Wing Flag is a permanent sign manufactured from quality steel, aluminium and
ABS. This product has been designed as a high-tech alternative to the traditional flag and
teardrop banner used by most companies today.
This product is wind-powered
There are two advantages to this - its movement immediately attracts the eye. Secondly no
additional power source is needed and therefore no complications with electronic motors and
Double sided therefore always visible
This product is double sided which allows for two different images or simply reinforces a single
image twice.
Quality guaranteed and long lasting
Manufactured to the highest standards, we provide a guarantee on the workmanship and
materials used. The rotating Wing Flag is designed to last in the harsh outdoor environment!

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