Premier Pavement Sign

The Premier pavement sign is an upmarket visually appealing footpath signage system for the discerning client. Most high street businesses
and restaurants require a signage system that reflects the image of the establishment. The Premier pavement sign will do exactly this. Designed
with a unique sophisticated curved shape, the Premier pavement sign has rounded corners and a stable water filled plastic base. The use of high
gloss UV stabilized components and extruded aluminum, make for a exceptionally well finished product.
The clever design allows for an increased graphic size, this means that the graphic size is substantially larger than a “swing sign” of a similar
external size.

The Premier Pavement Sign is designed for both internal and external use and is predominantly used outside restaurants, café’s and retail outlets,
as well as internally in retail outlets, banks and museums.
The Premier Pavement Sign is supplied with the unprinted ABS substrate ready for digitally printed vinyl or computer cut vinyl application.
The Premier Pavement Sign offers:
Unique sophisticated shape
Upmarket appearance
Increased graphic size to external size ratio
A new fresh approach to pavement signage
Superb longevity
A cost effective product
High gloss UV stabilized injection moulding and extruded aluminium make for an exceptionally well finished Pavement Sign.
The graphics and extruded aluminium verticals slot neatly into the Roto Cast plastic base. This minimalist design provides a seamless, up market, visually appealing pavement sign.
         Blue                    Red                    Yellow                    Black         
Standard Colour Range:

Display Panel Measures:

798mm x 619mm

Overall Dimensions:

920mm x 660mm x 385mm
On volumes of 300 units and more, we are able to customise the
trim and base to almost any Pantone colour.
Easy Assembly:  The Kit
The Premier Pavement Sign is shipped in kit form and includes the following:

ABS Substrate - to which you can adhere your vinyl.
Aluminium Side Strips.
Internal Nesting Structure - for rigidity.
Rota-cast water fillable base.
Colour-coded capping strip.
Screws and washers.
Allen key

Step 1

Start by filling the base with water. Insert the side supports into the base and
fix with supplied screws and washers.

Step 2

The Premier Pavement Sign can be branded in two ways. Either print directly to
the ABS if you have a printer capable of doing so or apply printed or cut vinyl
directly to the ABS. This forms your two poster sides.

Slide the rear poster into the rear track of the supports.

Step 3

Assemble the included internal nesting and insert it into the sign - this nesting
forms an internal framework and provides rigidity to the Premier Pavement Sign.

Step 4

Slide the front poster into the front track of the supports.

Step 5

Place the capping strip on top and fix with the supplied screws.


You have completed the assembly of your Premier Pavement Sign.
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Premier Pavement Sign Printing and Finishing:

Signage companies and resellers normally apply computer cut or digitally printed vinyl directly to the ABS substrate provided.