Spinning Pavement Sign - Pavement Windvane 1250
Spinning Pavement Sign - Pavement Windvane 1250
Spinning Pavement Sign - Pavement Windvane 1250
Spinning Pavement Sign - Pavement Windvane 1250
Spinning Pavement Sign - Pavement Windvane 1250
Sign Equipment Supply Limited is a NZ company based in Tauranga and we distribute the Warpfive range of innovative outdoor spinning signs
throughout Oceania.  We also offer a complete in-house design and sign printing service with the ability to print in a full range of metallic
inks!  New for 2013, we have added a complete range of advertising flags & banners - check out our products section!
The shape of the Warp Five Windvane was developed through extensive wind tunnel testing to ensure that it starts rotating
at the lowest possible wind speed, but still rotates as slowly as possible in high wind speeds. This ensures that the rotating
sign has movement in the lightest of wind conditions, but it also has a built in aerodynamic “brake”, resulting in your
advertising message getting the very best chance of being seen and read in a broad range of wind conditions.
Wind tunnel speed testing of the Warpfive spinning sign
Wind tunnel comparitive speed testing of the Warpfive spinning sign
This video shows the Rotating
Sign undergoing wind tunnel
testing at 60kph.
This represents gale force
This video shows the
Warpfive Spinning Sign
undergoing wind tunnel
testing alongside a
competitor's rotating sign
with a basic aerodynamic
shape.  The video clearly
shows that our spinning sign
starts up quickly, but most
importantly, spins
approximately 40% slower
than a rotating sign using
basic aerodynamic shapes.
Basic aerodynamic shapes as
utilised by steel or aluminium
spinning signs spin far too
quickly and are potentially
dangerous to pedestrians!
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About Spinning Signs...

Launched over 19 years ago, the Warp Five Windvane is internationally patented and has been developed and
consistently improved upon to provide high quality, longevity and value.

The rotating sign is aerodynamically designed to start rotating at exceptionally low wind speeds, and maintain low
revolutions even at high wind speeds. More importantly to ensure pedestrian, property and motor vehicle safety, all
corners have large radiuses and the rotating section is of a low mass. The Windvane is manufactured to European
standards, and is of a very high quality.
The rotating section is of composite construction with injection moulded ABS trim. It is an exceptionally strong, light
product, which has an extended lifespan and is rust free.
The base is moulded in indestructible UV inhibited roto cast plastic and is colour coded to the colour of your choice. For
extra stability the base is filled with water or sand once on site. This design philosophy reduces the overall mass of the
unit and saves on transportation and handling. The design also allows for the base to be separated from the spinning
section during shipping, thus reducing costs.

Why spinning signs?
Spinning signs provide greatly improved visibility - as they spin, they catch people's attention.
Spinning signs increase sales - more exposure converts to higher turnover
Spinning signs enhance your branding
Spinning signs are cost effective - they provide years of advertising at minimal outlay