Sign Equipment Supply Limited have the agency for the Warpfive International range of products, including the signature "Windvane"
range.  Launched over 19 years ago, these upmarket, unique and innovative wind-driven spinning sign systems are internationally patented
and have been developed and consistently improved upon to provide high quality, longevity and value. With over 50 000 units sold into
Europe, Africa, Australia, USA and Asia the Warpfive Windvane is recognized as a global leader in rotating signs.


In today's tough economy, product exposure is more important than ever - whether you are a family owned & operated start-up or a global  
leader in your field, you need to get your product seen and noticed.  The big question then, is: "how do you ensure that your product or
brand gets noticed?"  Our streets and pavements are already cluttered with sign boards of all descriptions that nobody even notices.  Why
not?  The simple answer is movement - and here's why: We are genetically programmed to look at something that moves. This programming
dates back to our early hunting & gathering days when we were either the hunters - or the hunted!  If something didn't move (like a tree) it
presented no danger, but if it did, chances are it was either a predator, or prey.  Either way we had better take notice! 

Times may have changed, but our programming hasn't!  Displaying your product or brand on a dynamic sign ensures that it gets noticed
- it's simply in our genes!

Take a look at our product range - we have everything from free-standing pavement and footpath signs to wall-mounted options as well as a
pole-mounted version.  We can also custom make a rotating sign for any application we may not have thought of yet!

Speaking of movement, we also offer a wide range of the ever-popular ADVERTISING FLAGS. These cost-effective flag systems are hard to
beat when it comes to point-of-presence branding.  They are big and colourful, they can be used anywhere - indoors, outdoors, at trade
shows, fairs, expo's, at the beach, etc, etc...  They are also very portable and easy to take with you as they come in thier own carrybag! 

Sign Equipment Supply Limited is also a full service "Graphics & Signage" company.  We have our own in-house graphic design and digital
wide-format printing facility and can design and supply all types of indoor and outdoor signage, window graphics, footpath or pavement signs,
vehicle wraps, decals, stickers, posters, banners, flags, etc, etc...

We can even  print WHITE & METALLIC colours!!
Pavement / Footpath Spinning Signs
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